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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Today is Tyreesha's birthday, and her mom, Misha, is going to take her out to eat and spend the day with her.
They are eating in a restaurant where Misha eats hotdogs and Tyreesha eats spaghetti.
Tyreesha wants her cookies, so she eats them on the way to the park.
Tyreesha gets into her mom's purse.
She gets 2 combs, some juice, lipstick, cookies, nail polish, a barf bag and a compact from her mom's purse.
For dinner they go back to the same restaurant and have the same thing. Mulan owns the restaurant and her husband, Shang, who helps her sometimes, also is a personal trainer and owns a karate studio.


ASHLEY is nice when she wants to be, and mean when she wants to be. She wants to be a model, but right now works at a restaurant as a waitress. One of the things she does is hang out with Dawn and go shopping.
DAWN is a sweet, caring person who speaks her mind. She is a model and knows a lot about clothes and shopping.
AMBER is a tomboy sometimes and sometimes a girly girl. She owns her own store and is a lifeguard. She never wears shoes.
ANDREA is a singer and dancer. Most of the time she is honest.
AMBER and ANDREA never, ever wear shoes.
JENNY is Jack's assistant. She is NOT mature! She will steal your best friend in a second! She does not know how to do make-up. She never wears shoes.

Twin sisters MISHA - mature, loving, speaks her mind MICHELLE - shy, caring, funny
MISHA and MICHELLE are both models. MISHA has a daughter.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


JACK - nice, speaks his mind, caring

JACK is a make-up artist.

BRIA - cool, funny, loving
STEFANI - mean, jealous, immature
Her best friend and roommate is Jabrisha. They do everything together.
SHANNON - nice, caring, helpful

BRIA, STEFANI and SHANNON are models.

AUBREY - mature, funny, helpful
MONIQUE - quiet, shy, suspicious

AUBREY and MONIQUE are both models and both married.

JABRISHA REED - has two sisters and a mother(Penelope). Her best friend and roommate is Stefani. They do everything together.
PENELOPE REED - married, mother to Jabrisha and two other children

PENELOPE is nice, but JABRISHA is mean.

I decided to make a salad - a fruit salad. So I rinsed off the apple and the strawberries and chopped the oranges up. Then I put them in the bowl. For the second layer I chopped the strawberries. Then it was time to do the apples so I chopped them up. If you look at the picture you will see just the apples and maybe a few strawberries. Well, good-bye. Hope to see you at my blog again!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Photos and story by Shabree

DAWN - Will you help me find something to wear to the party that the modeling agency wants me to go to?
ASHLEY - You know that I don't know anything about clothes.
DAWN - Well, I can't find anything to wear.

ASHLEY - Well, how about you call Andrea and she can help you find something to wear?

ANDREA - Dawn, I'll be right there!

DAWN - I am so happy you are here, now! Now can you help me find something to wear?

ANDREA - You shouldn't wear ANY of these things! I'll run to the mall to get you something to wear.

You guys stay here...

DAWN - Thank you, Andrea, for getting me some clothes to wear!
Then Ashley leaves.

Later, at Amber and Ashley's house...
AMBER - Hi Ashley! What were you doing?
ASHLEY - I was helping Dawn find an outfit.
AMBER - For what?
ASHLEY - The modeling agency wanted her to go to a party.