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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Photos and story by Shabree

DAWN - Will you help me find something to wear to the party that the modeling agency wants me to go to?
ASHLEY - You know that I don't know anything about clothes.
DAWN - Well, I can't find anything to wear.

ASHLEY - Well, how about you call Andrea and she can help you find something to wear?

ANDREA - Dawn, I'll be right there!

DAWN - I am so happy you are here, now! Now can you help me find something to wear?

ANDREA - You shouldn't wear ANY of these things! I'll run to the mall to get you something to wear.

You guys stay here...

DAWN - Thank you, Andrea, for getting me some clothes to wear!
Then Ashley leaves.

Later, at Amber and Ashley's house...
AMBER - Hi Ashley! What were you doing?
ASHLEY - I was helping Dawn find an outfit.
AMBER - For what?
ASHLEY - The modeling agency wanted her to go to a party.